Heart of our core business

In our central transshipment point (HUB or ZUP for short) in Neuenstein, lots of parcels are sorted every day - around 500,000 to be precise.

To accomplish this, it takes not only muscle power, but also a super team that tackles and supports each other. Whether it's loaders, supervisor, mechanics or office administrators, everyone contributes to driving our business forward.

Are you curious? Our employees will tell you what everyday work is like at the HUB!

Temporary worker in front of a swap container

Forget the gym

Sitting behind a desk all day long? No thanks! You’re really into fitness and exercise. No need to go to the gym anymore. Lend us a hand moving parcels. Your job’s one of the most important: whether it’s stocked shelves in the supermarket or online shopping – you can forget it without logistics. You’ll help people get what they need. Because it’s more than just a parcel. You’ll be putting a smile on our customers’ faces.

Warehouse worker in the depot

Right in the action, not just on the sidelines

Whether you’re loading or unloading, scanning or sorting – you and your team ensure a smooth parcel workflow. We offer a variety of opportunities at our sites all across Germany for both night owls and early-birds.

Find the right job in your area!

Temporary staff
Staff for loading and unloading, scanning and sorting
Warehouse staff
Supervisor & Shift supervisors
Temporary worker in front of a swap container

What you can expect

Your job will keep you fit. You get stuck in everyday and are on your feet a lot. The best thing is having a great team to support you. Working in parcel processing means people from all around the world of all ages working together hand in hand and supporting each other. Shift work also provides you with flexibility. Full-time, part-time, temp job, we’ve got it all.

Warehouse worker in the depot

Your prospects at GLS

The parcel logistics industry is booming. This means great future prospects for you. You’ll have a secure job. And what’s more, lots of doors will open up for you. Whether it's language courses or training in warehouse management - we'll support you and offer you a wide range of further training opportunities. Are you a particularly committed person? Then an apprenticeship, an integrated degree programme, an adult education course or a permanent position is waiting for you.

Our comprehensive package for you

You’re our success factor. We appreciate what you do on a daily basis. Therefore, we not only offer you a generous salary, secure job with prospects and a great team. You always have lots of other benefits working with us. Benefits may vary depending on the location.

What we do

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Loading and unloading

Containers arrive at the site full of parcels. They are unloaded. New parcels are loaded into the empty containers.
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Every parcel that arrives at our leaves the site is scanned. This ensures that both we and our customers always know where the parcel is.
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Parcels are moved onto the right belt. This ensures they are loaded into the right container.

Ready for Delivery

This process ensures that our parcels reach our customers.

It’s easy to apply!

Think that a job in parcel processing is right for you? Great! Then send us a WhatsApp telling us which site and job you’re interested in. Our career portal also displays current job vacancies or stop by the site itself.

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